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Welcome to RebornX

The Ultimate 317

RebornX is a Economy based server with Skilling, PvM and PKing. Combat stats are slowed down with a medium experience rate mainly for quicker PKing and combat gameplay for new players. Expect many upcoming updates mostly for wilderness and then ofcourse what the community suggests and wants to be polled. Make sure you only download the client through our website which can be found down below.

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Come Join Our Active Wildy

The RebornX Development will strive daily to improve the wilderness and enhance it to keep the players of the wild entertained.

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Clan Discussion
Submitted by Haze on 5/28/2018

Gambling + PVM Wins/Loots

Have you been getting lucky lately gambling or with PVM drops, why dont you share to the community with your latest winnings weather its a picture or a video.

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Submitted by Haze on 5/28/2018